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Our Eshop is Now Open

Hello, hello!It’s been a while since you last heard from us and we’re so glad to be back. We spent the summer moving from Brooklyn, NY, to Lyon, France so things have been a little busy.Our molds are unpacked, our favorite pieces are stacked up on our new shelves, and we’ve started meeting artisans in Lyon, so we can bring you the best of Camille D., now made in France.We’re also delighted to announce that our eshop reopens today. Please drop by and take a look. We’ve missed you so much! -- Bonjour, bonjour!Cela fait un moment que nous n’avons pas donné de nouvelles et nous sommes ravies d'être de retour. Nous avons passé l'été à déménager de Brooklyn à...


See You in France

Well, friends, the time has finally come to say au revoir to New York.Goodbye to all the amazing adventures around the city and across the United States, to wonderful friendships, to pop-up stores and markets all over, to weekly trips to Manhattan’s Diamond District, to the Big Apple energy, to always feeling inspired by the streets, the people, the atmosphere.We have so many exciting things to look forward to in Lyon, but for now, as you might have seen on Instagram, we’re focused on making the most of our last few days in New York and soaking up all that it has to offer.Please note that our eshop will close on June 20 at midnight ET, for the rest of...