Our Ethical Process

We love beautifully made things, but not as much as we love our planet. In 2020, it’s easier than ever to look good while doing good (and feeling good about it ;-). Want to know more about how we keep jewelry making clean, green, and loving? Here it goes:

Vintage Inspiration
It all begins with scouring flea markets (and grandmothers’ attics) for a starting point. If our lace patterns look so intricate and unique, it’s because they come from genuine vintage pieces, which we use to create our own molds. Just another reason why you won’t see lace jewelry like ours anywhere else.

Next Stop, Brooklyn
We hand make every piece of jewelry in our Brooklyn atelier, which is furnished with thrift store finds and second-hand items. We partner with local artisans for specific parts of the production process, who are all located in Manhattan’s Diamond District. They’re just one bike ride and a couple of subway stops away. Easy, peasy, and planet-friendly.

Something Old, Something New
Every piece of Camille D. jewelry is made from recycled gold or silver. Looking at the scraps of metals, we like to imagine all the lives they lived before, and ponder about the history they carry over to something new. It’s such a fun source of inspiration!