The Woman behind the Lace Collection

My beloved grandmother, Nicole Darde, was the very first female flight attendant at Air France, the national airline. I inherited her love of travel and adventures, as well as the confidence to forge my own path. Her daring to be different has always been a powerful source of courage.

She was also an incredibly resourceful woman. She kind of had to be, since she was alone with her three sons much of the time. My grandfather, a flight navigator, was away frequently.

After surviving WWII, Nicolo (which was her nickname) kept everything: zippers, buttons, collars, lace embroideries… I’ll always remember the day she led me to her attic and opened an antique chest to reveal these wonderful treasures. Noticing my delight, she gave them all to me, already knowing that I would soon figure out what to do with them.

I didn’t know it then, but my Lace collection was born that day. It took years of research and perseverance to create the pieces I had in mind, and I know I couldn’t have succeeded without my grandmother’s voice in my head, “You can do anything.” I’m glad I listened, and I hope she would have enjoyed wearing the necklace, bangle and ring I named after her.

Thank you for everything, Nicolo.