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Our Spring Summer Styling Trick

Our Spring Summer Styling Trick

Sun’s out, skin’s out, it’s the season for our favorite kind of layering! Don’t want to play favorites with your necklaces? Are you a “more is more” type of person? Here are our best tips for wearing all your pieces at once.

  • Go with different lengths

Most of our necklaces have an adjustable chain so you can easily wear them together. This way each piece has a chance to shine!

  • Mix it up

Create your own stack and make it personal by using different styles, sizes, and tones. For example, our Mini Eye Necklace looks great with our Lace Medallion Cinq. We also like to wear gold with silver and bold pendants with dainty ones. You don’t want to look too matchy-matchy.

  • A stack for every outfit

For daytime, necklace layers are great to elevate a simple white top / denim look. They’re also a great idea to spice up a Little Black Dress, but we think they work just as well with a bold or printed outfit. If you’re going to make a statement, why not go all in?

Want to try it out, but still not sure which pieces to wear? Try one of these combos:

Mini Flower Necklace + Lace Gold Medallion Quatre + Lace Nicolo Necklace

Mini Diamond Necklace + Lace Medallion Huit + Lace Medallion Cinq

Our Custom Wedding Bands (Oh Oui!)

Our Custom Wedding Bands (Oh Oui!)

See our Pieces Live!

See our Pieces Live!