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A simple tip is to always take off your jewelry first and put it on last. This to avoid contact with soaps, hairspray, moisturizers, and if possible, water (shower, pool, ocean, work out)  which can deteriorate your jewelry over time.

Our jewelry is made from raw material (brass, silver and gold), gold filled and plated material. For care instructions please see below. 


Many of our pieces are made from raw brass. Brass is a yellow alloy of copper and zinc. We love the light gold color of polish brass. Brass can develop a patina (tarnish) due to oxidation, which can be cleaned off with a polishing cloth. When not worn store your brass jewelry in a airtight container.

Brass rings can turn fingers green as a result of the chemical reaction between its copper content and your skin's sweat. We recommend coating the inside of your brass ring with clear nail polish to prevent it.

Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other base metals.  When worn regularly silver keeps its bright state. It can tarnish when not worn for long period of time. You can restore its shine by cleaning your jewelry with a polishing cloth. When not worn store your silver jewelry in a airtight container.


We use 10K gold mostly on custom designs. Gold will not turn or change color. From time to time you can simple polish with a jewelry cloth for extra shine.


Gold filled is a solid layer of gold bonded to a base metal under substantial heat and pressure.  It looks like solid gold but comes at a much more affordable price.  Even with daily wear, gold filled jewelry can retain their shine for many years.

Our gold plated pieces are made of a high quality brass with a super thick coating of 24k gold for quality.

We use vermeil on some rings. Vermeil is made out of solid sterling silver with a super thick coating of 24k gold.

You can clean your gold filled, gold plated and vermeil jewelry with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth. If your jewelry requires more cleaning, you may use warm, soapy water.  Simply soak the jewelry in the water for a few minutes and then clean it with a soft brush, drying it immediately afterward.

This is how to keep your favorite jewelry looking beautiful forever. ♡