Hello! Welcome to Camille D.

Camille D. is a slow creative label based in Brooklyn, New York handcrafting unique jewelry working with many different techniques and materials. Her work is entirely made with an ethical process. Everything is handmade celebrating traditional craftsmanship. Camille D. lace jewelry line is spectacular, she manage to transform and cast antique lace to create timeless elegant adornments. New jewelry made every day, WELCOME!


Hand Made // In New York // Recycled Metals // Ethical Sourcing & Process

One of a Kind / wən əv ə kīnd /

special adornments

Featured Collection // One of a Kind

Lace / leIs /

Antique Forever

Featured Collection // Lace

Minimal /ˈminəməl /

Architectural Simplicity

Featured Collection // Minimal

Figures / ˈfiɡyər /

Meaningful Talismans

Featured Collection // Figures

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