Our One of a Kind Collection

The fun part of making our jewelry by hand is that we can experiment as much as we want. Whenever inspiration strikes we like to sketch things up ✍🏻, pull out our tools, and play around.

Sometimes we’ll create something we love but want to make again in a different pattern or size, or with different stones.💎Other times, designing a piece gives us ideas for other styles and, being a small business with a dedication to quality, we can’t produce them all in multiples.

That’s why we’re introducing our One of a Kind section. We won’t make these again, which means these pieces are completely unique. Talk about a special treat!✨So if you see something you like, snap it up quickly or else it will be gone forever. 

And, as always, our One of a Kind pieces are all handmade in our Brooklyn atelier, with recycled metals and stones, with love, passion, and craftswomanship. 💖