Introducing: The Vintage Buffalo Nickel Pendant

After thirteen years in the U.S. I’ve discovered much to love about my adopted country. Among many things, I’ve become fascinated by the Native Americans’ passion for craftsmanship, for preserving their own heritage, and by their culture in general.

Which is why it felt particularly thrilling to stumble upon a small collection of vintage coins featuring a Native American head on one side and a buffalo on the other.
These coins were in circulation in the U.S. for about ten years in the 1930’s and we wish they still existed today! We were lucky to get our hands on a handful of them and decided to turn them into jewelry.

A little bit of Camille D. magic later, we’re delighted to introduce our new Buffalo Nickel Pendant Necklace, available as a very limited edition.

Lately, we’ve received many requests regarding chain options so, by popular demand, the Buffalo Nickel Pendant can be purchased as a pendant only (no chain), set on a gold-filled chain, or on a 14K gold chain. From $480.

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