Mothers get sparkly✨

Happy Mother's Day!

Who’s excited for Mother’s Day this weekend? 🙋‍♀️
We can’t wait to gather around with the family and celebrate. It’s always nice to feel extra special.
😉And if you want to treat your mom (or any mom in your life) for the occasion, we have a few ideas for you.

Camille D. has moved...👀

Introducing the Camille D. Studio

We announced it in our last newsletter… Camille D. has moved to a new space! We’re now making jewelry, and getting busy, in an artist studio in the coolest spot in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Meet our #1 bestseller 🔥

Pick of the Pack: the Morse Code Bangle

We don’t like to play favorites, but you can! And you’ve made it clear that you have a thing for our Love Morse Code Bangle, since it’s our #1 bestseller.
To that we say thank you!

Becoming Camille D. 👐

How I became a Jewelry Designer
This month I’ve been thinking a lot about the women in my life, and how their love, influence, and support lead me to where I am today. Last time I spoke about my grandmother (the first female flight attendant at Air France) and today I want to share a story about my mom, Christiane Darde.

The most inspiring woman 💃

The Woman behind the Lace Collection
To celebrate Women’s History Month, I wanted to highlight one of the most important women in my life, and talk about how she shaped me into the person and designer I am today.

🔥 Fire and ice ❄️

A Few Styling Tips
Things we’re wearing right now: chunky knits, cozy beanies, and lots of layers to keep us nice and toasty.
Things we’re craving right now: touches of sparkle, looking bold when it’s blah outside, and bringing about the (sun)shine…

Making Love Sparkle 💫

Treat your Love ❤ (or Yourself)
It’s almost Lovey-Dovey Day, and we thought you might be looking for the perfect gift 💫 for your special someone. If so, we have a few suggestions for you.

A Sparkly New Year 💫

To a Fabulous 2019!
Happy New Year, dear friends! We hope yours is off to a great start. We’re feeling refreshed and inspired after the holiday break, and wanted to share a few things we’re committed to in 2019…