portrait Camille D.jpg

Camille is a creature of invention and hand work. Her career began in Luxury, first as a stylist for brands such Givenchy, Chanel, Fendi to then move into editorials and new concepts for retail. All this work brought her little joy, deep down, she wanted to create with her hands. She found pleasure with brass, silver, gold and learning different techniques of craftsmanship. She later picked up another passion, while working in Lingerie: collecting and obsessing over vintage lace. She soon merged her two passions to create a unique jewelry line by coating dead stock lace in gold and silver — and her brand “Camille D” was born. Her designs are worn by women who believe in themselves enough to be different. To stand out, to support another woman into creating her vision. Camille D was born in France, raised in a castle, lived in many cities, to then move to New York to follow her heart.